Logomultitech (Pty) Limited

Websites and - Hosting

Develop Website

We develop webstites from Static Websites, Responsive Websites, Transactional Webstites, Bootstraap Websites, Dynamic Websites to Database Driven Websites and Commercial Websites.

Web Emails

Our Websites include a minimum of 10 Web Emails, since we refraining from using unprofessional emails for our businesses such as 'Webmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, e.t.c' but to go professional as Enterpreneurs use emails like: 'accounts@youbusiness.co.za, info@yourcompany.co.za' and many more.

Hosting and GOOGLE Listing

We offer 1 Year Hosting Plan, Register a Domain Name for you [.co.za/.com/.org/.biz/.gov] and Submit your websites to Google and other Search Engines to be Visible when Searched (Search Engine Optimization).

Social Media Links

We connect your webstite to your social media links so that it becomes easier for your clients to interact with them on your website.

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