Logomultitech (Pty) Limited

IT - Support

Computer Sales

We specialize in selling New Computers and Laptops, New Second Hands Computers and Laptops and or Refubished Computers at an affordable price.


We specialize in Network Connection, Network Troubleshooting or Dignosis, we also connect or link computers and printers within the office range or workplace range.

Computers Repairs

We repair computers and Upgrade Computer Hardwares, we also repair laptops and laptop screen replacement, we sell also the computer Accessories or parts, we also do computer accessory replacement or upgrade.

Printers and Photocopying Machines

We specialize with New and Secon Hands Printer Machines and Photocopier Machines, we Fix/repair and or Sell them at an affordable price, we also sell catradges and Toners, we refill catradges and toners.

Softwares and Anti-Viruses

We Install softwares, Operating System Softwares, Antiviruses, and other Office related Softwares and do update them also.

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