Logomultitech (Pty) Limited

T-Shirt - Printing

Screen Printing

We offer Screen Printing for both Single and Multi-Color, Dark and Light Colour Material, we also specialize with Water Based Inks, Oil Based Inks and Special Inks for our Screen Printing.

Vinyl Printing

We offer Vinyl Cutting and Printing specifically for Branding, Soccer Jerseys, Car Stickers, Labels, Sign Boards and many more...

Stitch Printing (Embroidery)

We do Embroidery for Organisations, clubs, Schools, Churches, Creches, individuals at an affordable pricing and for various types of material.

Silk and Velvelt Printing

We offer modern design prints using Velvet or Silk intead of Pasting or using Vinyal print. by the way we improving the look of our printing to be more attractive when printed with Velvet.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation seem to be very attractive printing on the universe, so we also offer Sublimation printing as it is unique to other printings and allow full color pictures to be printed.

Digital Printing

All of the printings among the T-Shirt Printing Industry has come into Digitalization, we have and offer Digital Printing.

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